RP Labs aim to establish a channel to promote educational artifacts through Mobile Apps, that includes object oriented question and answer with proper reasoning. RP Labs aim to launch a series of Educational Apps, targeting the students and professionals. The Apps are basically self-learning intuitive learning platforms on various competitive exams and certifications. The questionaries’ are set by qualified IIT Grads and best of the industry standard professionals. Also the app produces analysis report in graphical and textual representation to the user for better tracking in an adaptive manner to meet individual learning needs.

A Series of Educational app is being launched. RP Lab Target to launch all various apps for all classes for Olympiad, Competitive Exams, App for Job Seekers to enhance their skills, College grads for various technical skills, Aspiring student for JEE/Medical, PMP exam pattern, ITTO, Software professionals to enhance their technical skills (C, C++, Java, Python, Perl, Ruby).

Our Excel Exports are excellent at advanced Macro programming (also known as VBA programming). GUI/Form design, database connectivity using excel, web connectivity, web scraping, web crawling. RP Labs also aim to work with the Microsoft Applications, including all of the Microsoft Office Suite applications.


Microsoft Excel Automation

  • Web Scraping
  • VBA Forms/Macros
  • Dashboard Creation/Automation
  • Office Support/Maintenance

App Development

  • Educational Android App
  • Customise Educational App development with partners


Training and Consultation

  • Partnership program with organisation for technical skills

RPLabs offerings…

RP EDucational App customizable for Training partners

VBA & Macro Development

Formulae & Custom Formulae

Porting From Past Version(s)

Excel GUI Development

Excel Consultant

Error Prevention & Capture

Data Cleansing & Manipulation

Spreadsheet Solutions Reporting Solutions

Creation Upgrading From Past Version

Solution Excel Support Plug-in

Dashboard Creation

Pivot Tables, Charts Solutions

Excel database and Excel formule

Excel conversion to PDF

PDF to Excel conversion

Email Outlook VBA

VBA Plugin Development

Web scraping

Excel Automation

Excel to Outlook

Can we Help you?

Education through Mobile app, is an initiative from RPLabs. Our service offerings B2B and B2C. In B2B, we will make the content reachable to the students of an institute in digital form and promote the institute through app. In B2B, apps are directly reachable to students. We also offer best rates and results for VBA Macros and Spreadsheet solutions. We make it easy and affordable to get you up and running instantly. Our expert solution team will reach you at the earliest, understand your requirement and provide you FREE consultation.

Beautiful Layouts

Androidd App Development, VBA Programming solutions provided by RPLabs have spectacular look and feel. Even spreadsheet solutions including Dashboards are top of the most amazing solutions.

Tons of Extras

We don't stop at deliverables, We make sure the deliverables are useful and customers updated on the newer versions and valued.

Why Hire Us?

We are the experts. Talk about anything, we can do it. Had it been in Mobile or Excel. Secondly, our service offerings are the best rates for the deliverable.

FREE Consultation

Share your requirement, we will take to for further discussion internally with our technical staff and provide you FREE consultation. This service is totally FREE of cost at the moment.

Witting Innovation has over 16 years of rich experience in Excel and Office automation,  and Certified Excel expert. Let us help you eliminate repetitive tasks so that you can focus on the core of your business.

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