Migrate from Localhost to Webserver

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Quick steps to move WordPress localhost to webserver. just quick steps.


Steps to be performed on local PC
1. Open localhost wp-admin, settings -> general Settings 
 replace localhost with web url (http://www.abc.com)
2. phpadmin -> select Database ->Export to SQL (say B.sql)
3. open htdocs/rmlabs/wp-config.txt and change the DBName, DB uid, DB Passwd (note : DBname should be <<sitename>>_dbname)  
4. zip the site under htdocs (say A.zip)
go to webserver
1. open mysql database -> create database and DB user and provide permission
2. ftp A.zip to webserver and unzip it under public_docs
3. open phpadmin and import B.sql

that’s it.. u r on.


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