Rutayani Das and Ranjan Das, are the founder of RPLabs (Rutayani Prep Labs Pvt Limited). Ranjan Das is an certified expert software Engineer with 17+ years of hands-on rich experience in development of APIs and frameworks. He is a pragmatic systems architect, deep thinker, and generalist with strong skills to conceptualize complexities, uncertain ideas, and abstractions. He has been a passionate and inventive programmer, researcher, and self-learner since his school days.

Started working as a freelancer based out of Mysore since early 2014. Aim was simple, “Contribute to words smart city, enabling automation and making a strong bold step forward step towards digital Era”. To start with the aim, tried helping small industries to make them visible and recognized in the web. This will enable them to get more business and better economy. 

He, himself have Microsoft certified professional and PMP Certified professional and a winner having notable achievements across career. Link for few Rewards and Recognition.

It’s a great place for your ‘elevator pitch.’ If you only had a few seconds to think over the above services, drop an email or call us directly. Our friendly staff will connect to you at the earliest. I have saved company time and money by simplifying, and automating repetitive labour intensive data input. I use mathematical logic and data validation methods to automatically verify and audit data input/output to ensure data quality and integrity. I also specialise in product costing analysis and presentation as well.


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