Excel/Electronic Spreadsheet is the most widely used spreadsheet program and is part of Microsoft office suit. It can handle various types of data and very good for the purpose  of calculations. Excel has been righty called a word processor for numbers. Within Excel, users can organize data, crate charts, and perform calculations. Excel is a convenient program because it allows the user to create a large spreadsheets, reference information from other  sheets and it allows for better storage and modification and information. Excel operates like other Microsoft office suits and has many of the same functions and shortcuts of other MS Programs.


Pivot Tables, Charts Solutions

Dashboard Creation

Solution Excel Support Plug-in

Creation Upgrading From Past Version

Spreadsheet Solutions & Reporting Solutions

Data Cleansing & Manipulation

Error Prevention & Capture

Excel Proffessional Consultant

Excel GUI Development

Porting From Past Version(s)

Formulae & Custom Formulae

VBA & Macro Development

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